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2022 - 2023

Master's Degree


MEng Biomedical Engineering

Boston, MA

2018 - 2022

Bachelor's Degree


B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Graduated with Distinction in the Major

New Haven, CT

Summer 2019

Study Abroad

CIEE Summer Program

Intermediate Spanish Language

Alicante, Spain

2014 - 2018

High School Diploma

Pope John Paul II High School

Class Valedictorian, National Merit Finalist

Hendersonville, TN

Summer 2022




- Perform vision and medical workups on patients. Record HPI, medical history, and clinical observations. Perform patient testing using optometry instruments, including OCT, Visual Fields, autorefractor, tonometer, lensometer, visual acuity charts, and blood pressure cuffs. Enter testing data into patient chart with primary evaluations and indications of eye disease.

- Scribe for optometrist during eye examination. Open and close patient charts and insert medical codes for insurance.

- Perform various management duties, such as ordering and organizing contact lenses, faxing reports and referrals to local ophthalmologists, managing patient communication via office texts and voicemails, and scheduling future appointments with clear notes.

- Assist with vision therapy by leading patients through tailored exercises, recording results into charts, and updating training plans.

Summer 2021

Research Intern

Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Publication: Characterization of resting functional MRI activity alterations across epileptic foci and networks (Cerebral Cortex 2022) (link to paper)

- Investigated the role of network connectivity in a database of 250+ temporal lobe epilepsy patients and controls

- Using MATLAB and Linux, combined functional MRI data with diffusion-weighted imaging, tractography, and brain segmentation to compute the low frequency fMRI signals in white matter

- Results localize the spread of the epileptic zone, thus guiding surgical treatment

April - Oct 2021

Coursera Course Aide


- Edited lecture slides and 13 hours of lecture videos for Introduction to Medical Software, an online Coursera course taught by Yale professor, Xenophon Papademetris.

- Created and lectured a vignette on the Therac-25 incidents and the impacts on current modern medical software development. 750 students enrolled in the course within the first week of publication.

Dec 2020 - May 2022

Spring 2021 Intern


DICOM Director is the next generation of medical imaging, offering an augmented reality system for viewing MRIs and CT scans in 3D

- Evaluate market segmentations and conduct competitive analysis to advise sales

- Expand and improve company marketing assets, including slide decks and website pages

- Produced a brand guide, company one-pager, and product workflow diagram

- Continuously test portal and model-making functionality to provide feedback

Sept 2020 -
May 2021

Research Assistant


- Collected intracranial EEG signals during deep brain stimulation in epilepsy patients at Yale New Haven Hospital

- Analyzed effective brain connectivity and modeled resulting cortico-cortical evoked potentials using MATLAB, Linux, and Git

Summer 2020

Undergraduate Student Researcher


- Spatially mapped scRNA-seq data, genes, and cell types over the course of embryogenesis using R

- Applied novel computational pipelines developed in the lab to study neurulation, identifying the major players in brain and spinal cord development, as well as detecting gene patterns and differentiation during this crucial period of life

Summer 2020

Undergraduate Student Researcher


- Evaluated non-canonical translation of small open reading frames (smORFs)

- Hypothesized methods of translation and stabilizations specific to the location of the smORF on the mRNA strand, and tested hypotheses through bioinformatic analysis, using sequence analyses, R, SnapGene software, Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV), NCBI/ENSEMBL, and other software

  • Yale Scientific Magazine (YSM): Layout Editor, Staff Writer, Illustrator
    2019 - 2022 - Delegate and edit layout assignments - Master Adobe InDesign and train new designers on the software. - Interview researchers and write up-to-date scientific articles on current research at Yale - Create digital artwork to be published in the magazine along with the articles - Individually produced 4 articles, 16 art pieces, and 10 page layouts. - See design tab Website
  • Yale Women’s Club Soccer Team: Captain
    2018 - 2022 - Captain the student-run Yale Women’s C1 Club Soccer Team in a year-round season - Organize and lead all practices, schedule all games, manage finances, communicate with leagues and other university opponents, and coordinate playing time for both outdoor and indoor games
  • University Physics (PHYS180) Grader
    Aug 2021 - Dec 2021 - Help organize the Yale undergraduate physics course sequence enrolling 250+ students - Grade weekly homework sets - Proctor and grade midterm and final exams
  • Design For America: Team Lead
    2019 - 2021 - Directed a small team of students in a year-long human-centered design project tailored towards a specific local issue - 2020-2021: In collaboration with the New Haven district director, we designed and launched the Marketplace New Haven website to promote 150+ small businesses in New Haven. - 2019-2020: Worked with Haven Free Clinic to increase communication efficiency among departments within the clinic
  • Biomedical Engineering Society: Treasurer/Secretary
    2020 - 2022 - Generated an itemized club funding application to receive and manage $3000+ for the academic year. Delivered semi-annual budget reports for the society - Co-founded and directed the first annual student-run Ivy league BMES virtual career fair. Recruited companies, provided schedule, and managed attendees. Designed and distributed program booklet (see link below) providing schedule, company descriptions, and meeting links (news article) - Produced the club’s first annual report to submit to the national BMES organization for funding opportunities - Execute additional projects, such as speaker panels, social events, and marketing materials - Assist with website design and maintanence - Produced a formal BMES video (linked below) to be used for recruitment and helping design the chapter's new website - Designed, ordered, and distributed 2020 club long-sleeve t-shirts and 2021 club short-sleeve t-shirts Website | Video | Career Fair Booklet 2020-21 YBMES Report
  • Engineering Student Advisory Committee: Student Representative
    2020 - 2021 - Collaborate with Yale’s Office of Career Strategy (OCS) and with the School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) to improve career opportunities for undergraduate engineering students - Organize career fairs and networking events for engineering students - Design flyers for students and prospective employers
  • GoPeer: Tutor
    2020 - Present - Tutor K-12 students in areas of math, science, Spanish, and test prep - I split my time into both paid tutoring jobs and volunteered tutoring jobs during the pandemic.
  • CBIT Healthcare Hackathon Committee: Logistics Committee, Booklet Designer"
    Oct 2020 - Jan 2021 - Designed and produced the 2021 CBIT healthcare hackathon program booklet in Adobe InDesign to help participants navigate the event virtually - Booklet link: - Coordinated speaker events and managed Discord server - Promotional efforts recruited 575 participants and 228 new hackers from all over the globe Website | DevPost | Program Booklet
  • 1000 Dreams Fund: Student Advisory Board Member
    2018 - 2021 -1000 Dreams Fund is a nonprofit organization working to empower young women by providing resources and grants to fund educational opportunities beyond college tuition. - Review scholarship applications for microgrants - Promote on-campus events and fundraising opportunities - Mentor high school girls in STEM Website
Activities & Leadership

Professional skillset

Project Management

CAD modeling

Product Development

Teamwork & Collaboration

Creative Problem Solving

Direct Patient Care

Scientific Writing

Science Illustration

Risk Management

Design Control

Spanish Language (proficient)

Medical Scribing

Testing and Validation

Software Testing

Social Media Marketing

Event Planning

Web design

CPT coding










ScanIP / Image Segmentation

Art & Design

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premier Pro

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe XD

Computer Aided Design


Relevant Coursework

Physiological Systems


Physiological Systems Lab I & II

Discovery and Design in BME

Biotransport and Kinetics

Biomedical Signals and Images

Medical Device Design


Biomaterial-Tissue Interactions

Tissue Engineering

Multiscale Models in BME Systems

Advanced Biomedical Design and Development

Invention and Intellectual Property

BME Data Science and Machine Learning

Multivariable Calculus

Linear Algebra
Differential Equations
Biomedical Computation in MATLAB
Data Exploration and Analysis in R
Computer-Aided Engineering

Intro to Cognitive Science
The Human Brain
Introduction to Psychology

Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive Neuroscience

Neurotechnology Devices

General Chemistry I & II
General Chemistry Lab I & II
University Physics I & II
General Physics Laboratory I & II
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
Introductory Biology Sequence
Principles of Biochemistry

English Writing Seminar
Reading & Writing Modern Essay
Intermediate Spanish Grammar
Intermediate Spanish Conversation
Intermediate Spanish Film

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