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Adobe Design Jam x Netflix

Updated: Apr 2, 2023


Student teams had 48 hours to design a third-party desktop web site or desktop app (not Netflix-branded) where the community can celebrate shared stories together through communal and authentic experiences.

Role: As lead designer, I came up with the solution idea and implemented it in Adobe XD. I worked with a partner to discuss ideas and edits. This was my first time using Adobe XD, and I have to admit, I stayed up all night learning the software. However, I learned a ton and had fun doing it!

Our solution: NextUp


Watching TV and movies is an experience. nextUP makes it even more so, by transforming the viewing experience into a shared experience. Who says binge watching needs to be lazy and lonely?

Join groups, share playlists, and attend events. Earn badges by completing the month’s challenges. When your mom accuses you of watching TV all day and doing nothing productive, let the badges prove her wrong. The stars all lined UP for this month’s theme: Space Race.

Get UP and move with space-themed exercise classes. Bottoms UP and play along with space movie drinking games. Study UP for galaxy trivia night. Turn UP at viewing parties.

And when you’re wondering what’s next? Just visit the homepage of nextUP. Every month brings a new theme and a new experience but with the same intuitive interface.

Target Audience:

Anyone– kids, adults, grandparents!

Key Features:

Profile: To make the experience more social, each user has their own profile, with their playlists, reviews, and data saved in one spot.

Playlists: Aren't you tired of adding tons of movies to one single queue? With NextUp, you can create playlists of movies based on your tastes. These playlists are collaborative and a fun way to organize your movies.

Monthly Theme: Each month has a new theme (ex. Space). Themed movies will be featured on the home page, along with theme-specific challenges, trivia-nights, and badges.

Groups: You can join various movie groups (ex. sports, Marvel, etc.) so that you can meet new people with the same interests. Together, these groups can chat, make recommendations, and host movie parties.


This was the first time my team used Adobe XD. Although we didn't place in the competition, we learned a lot in just one week! It was such a fun experience, and we look forward to others to come.

Video Walkthrough:

Live Prototype:

Click here to view the live prototype.


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